April's Spa Care Tips and Tricks from our Professional Simply Skin Girl's!

Nikki our esthetician/massage therapist recommends:

Lisa our massage therapist recommendsbasic stretching. Laying down and holding your knees to your chest for 15 seconds will help keep your body limber. Try touching your toes...Lisa also suggests a warm bath with Epson salt to mentally decompress and put yourself in a different state of mind. Lisa says... "Be smart, keep social distancing, stay healthy and miss you ALL, see you soon!"

Judy our nail tech recommends:  applying a nail strengthener to keep your nails in good health. Judy says..." this is a great time to let your nails breathe and go natural.":)

LouAnn our esthetician recommends:  a mini facial with any cleanser, steam, mask and moisturize. LouAnn says..."Even MY fur babies get pampered." Missing you ALL and can't wait to see your lovely faces again."

Ally our nail tech recommends:  keeping a clear coat on your nails for strengthener and try to hydrate them every day. When your out of the shower remember to push your cuticles back and use some kind of oil, it can even be vegetable oil. Ally says..."Missing you ALL so very much, please be safe and see you soon!"

Amy our nail tech recommends: taking nail polish off your fingers and toes. Good time to air out. Leaving polish on for long periods of time can cause the nails to dry out and or discolor. Moisturize the nail plate/cuticles, you can use olive oil, coconut or any moisturizing cream will work. Amy says..."Miss ALL my clients and coworkers. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Virtual hugs to everyone."

Melanie our massage therapist recommends: massage your feet with massage oil. A cocktail of almond oil, jojoba oil mixed with your favorite essential oil. This helps relax and de-stress while your at home. Melanie says..."Miss and love to you ALL."

Carol our nail tech recommends: Maintain your nails with a few steps: Keeping your nails at an active length. Keeping your nails short to avoid breaking them below the free range. Use a fine grit and block to keep from snags. Gently push back your cuticles with a towel before drying your hands. Moisturize, moisture, moisture especially now that we are constantly washing our hands an using sanitizer's. Carol says..."stay well we miss each and everyone of our clients and look forward to when we can be together again."XOXO

Joanne our nail tech/massage therapist recommends: warm olive oil is good for your cuticles. It puts the oils back into your nails after having gels on. The oil can't be too hot it has to be warm enough but not at a frying consistency. :) Physical activity always remember to stretch. This helps with circulation and getting everything moving. "Stay well my friends, miss you ALL."

Michele our esthetician recommends: self care/at home facials can be a great stress reliever. To make an at home exfoliating treatment, mix sugar in your cleanser (making a paste) and gently apply in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. This is also good for chapped lips. Follow with a hydrating mask and or your favorite moisturizer. Michele says..."looking forward to getting back and pampering clients again!"

Sandie our nail tech recommends: Keep nails short as possible. Always use a nail brush to reach any bacteria under the nail. Continue using hand sanitizer and gloves whenever possible. Sandie says..."we are missing everyone so much! Hopefully everyone is finding positives in each day. We will be so excited to see all your beautiful faces again!"


Lori our nail tech/esthetician recommends: a weekly facial to keep semblance of order and routine in our lives and remembering to clean your skin thoroughly in the evening and applying your night care products. Lori says..."Keep spirits up and look forward to being pampered by their favorite esthetician!"

At Simply Skin we use and sell Circadia for your home care needs.
They have graciously offered to ship your home care products directly to you and a gift w/purchase. Please call 732-505-9448 and leave a message and or email us at simplyskindayspa@gmail.com and Barbara will get back to you. She has been keeping in touch with all our clients from home. :)

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